About John McCormick

John McCormick

John McCormick is Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Politics at the Indianapolis campus of Indiana University in the United States.

About This Site

This is a site designed to encourage discussion about the benefits and advantages of the European Union, and to help students using my textbooks on the EU.


Opening day

Welcome to this site, launched in April 2012. Sparked by all the negative news coming out of the eurozone crisis, it is designed to offer an alternative approach to the EU: one focused on what the EU has achieved and on the advantages it has brought to Europeans and Europe. It will acknowledge the problems, but it will also offer solutions to those problems and draw attention to the achievements of European integration. It is also designed as a resource for anyone studying the EU (particularly if you use one of my two textbooks), with links to good sources of  news and information on the EU.

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