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John McCormick

John McCormick is Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Politics at the Indianapolis campus of Indiana University in the United States.

About This Site

This is a site designed to encourage discussion about the benefits and advantages of the European Union, and to help students using my textbooks on the EU.


The bright side of the eurozone crisis

The eurozone crisis has undoubtedly been the worst of the many trials and tribulations faced over the decades by the EU and its precursor, the EEC. But all crises can be turned into opportunities with the right thinking, and as well as the obvious lessons to be learned (or, more accurately, re-learned and emphasized) about the design flaws of the euro, the crisis has offered another opportunity: more public attention has been drawn to the EU than at any time in its history. More people are thinking and learning about the EU, and although what they are finding is neither pretty nor always easy to understand (even economists don’t fully understand what they are seeing, although they would mainly be the last to admit it), at least they are thinking about it. This will hopefully mean that people will be learning more about other aspects of the EU, and the result will be a wider and more inclusive debate about where we go from here. Clearly change and reform are needed, but rather than leaving everything to the usual suspects (political leaders, eurocrats, political parties, interest groups, and pundits) we might see a different set of ideas brought to bear.

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