About John McCormick

John McCormick

John McCormick is Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Politics at the Indianapolis campus of Indiana University in the United States.

About This Site

This is a site designed to encourage discussion about the benefits and advantages of the European Union, and to help students using my textbooks on the EU.


Ten reasons why the European Union is a good idea

We have heard a lot of late about the problems of the European Union – so much so that the moderate and supportive voices are being drowned out in a cacophony of negativism. The EU is imperfect, to be sure, but so is every large institution or network of institutions. The achievements of the EU Continue reading..

Time to get past the gloom on Europe

See my post on why it is time to start remembering why we like Europe, on EurActiv at http://www.euractiv.com/priorities/time-shake-gloom-europe-matters-analysis-519926.

UKIP should enjoy the good times

See my post on why UKIP’s time will be short: in Prospect at http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/blog/ukip-local-elections-europe-john-mccormick.

Debunking EU myths – and destroying UKIP’s attraction

See my post regarding some of the myths perpetuated about the EU, on GQ online at http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/comment/articles/2013-05/02/ukip-debunking-eu-myths.

What it means to be a European

German president Joachim Gauck recently made a good speech on the idea of Europe, and what it means to be European. Europe, he said, stands for “peace and freedom, for democracy and the rule of law, for equality, human rights and solidarity”. This is all true enough, and many others have made the same point. Continue reading..