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John McCormick

John McCormick is Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Politics at the Indianapolis campus of Indiana University in the United States.

About This Site

This is a site designed to encourage discussion about the benefits and advantages of the European Union, and to help students using my textbooks on the EU.



Official Web site of the European Union:


Professional associations:

Council for European Studies
European Consortium for Political Research
European Union Studies Association
UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies).

For information on the member states:

CIA World Factbook
Political Resources on the Net Click on ‘Europe’ for individual states, and on ‘European Union’ for the EU.

Major EU institutions:

Council of Ministers
European Central Bank
European Commission
European Council
European Court of Justice
European Parliament

Other European organizations:

Council of Europe
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

News about Europe:

European Daily 
Europe’s World
New Europe

Academic journals:

Comparative European Politics
European Foreign Affairs Review
European Journal of Political Research
European Union Politics
Journal of Common Market Studies
Journal of Contemporary European Studies
Journal of European Integration
Journal of European Studies
Journal of European Public Policy
West European Politics

Think-tanks and interest groups:

Bruges Group
Business Europe
Centre for European Policy Studies
Centre for European Reform
Cicero Foundation
European Movement
European Policy Centre
European Values Network
Federal Trust
Friends of Europe
Open Europe
Think Tank Directory

Other regional integration associations:

African Union
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Caribbean Community
Economic Community of West African States
North American Free Trade Agreement
South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
Southern African Development Community
Union of South American Nations

Updated August 2015